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The Commonwealth of Virginia is known as the "Birthplace of Presidents" as 8 U.S. Presidents were born in the state.

Virginia has more than 25 Presidential Landmarks representing 13 U.S. Presidents. The Presidential Trail of Virginia offers travelers an itinerary highlighting many presidential homes, museums, birthplaces, memorials and gravesites across the state.  While visiting presidential landmarks, travelers can explore many other historical sites as well as experiencing modern day Virginia life. Travel the state and explore the Presidential Trail of Virginia!

1) Northern Virginia

2) Fredericksburg Area

3) Chesapeake Bay Area

  • George Washington's Birthplace, Popes Creek Plantation
  • James Madison's Birthplace, Conway House - Port Royal
  • James Monroe Birthplace - Colonial Beach

4) Charles City County

  • William Henry Harrison's Birthplace, Berkeley Plantation - Charles City
  • John Tyler's Birthplace, Greenway - Charles City
  • John Tyler's Home, Sherwood Forest - Charles City
  • John Tyler's Home, Woodburn - Charles City

5) Richmond Area

6) Orange County

  • James Madison's Home and Gravesite, Montpelier - Montpelier
  • James Madison Museum - Orange
  • Zachary Taylor's Birthplace, Montebello - near Gordonsville

7) Charlottesville Area

  • Thomas Jefferson's Home and Gravesite, Monticello - Charlottesville
  • Thomas Jefferson's Birthplace, Shadwell - Shadwell
  • James Monroe's Home, Ash Lawn-Highland - Charlottesville
  • Theodore Roosevelt's Presidential Retreat, Pine Knot - Keene
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Retreat, Kenwood - Charlottesville

8) Lynchburg Area

  • Thomas Jefferson's Presidential Retreat, Poplar Forest - Forest

9) Staunton, VA

10) Shenandoah National Park

  • Herbert Hoover's Presidential Retreat, Camp Rapidan - Shenandoah National Park

11) Winchester, VA

12) Leesburg, VA

  • James Monroe's Home, Oak Hill - near Leesburg



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