Robin von Seldeneck         President & CEO                                        ext. 114
Karen Dodson                    Administrative Officer                                 ext. 113
Julie Jones                         Development Officer                                   ext. 103
Susan Laser                       Museum Educator                                      ext. 110
Mark Peterson                    Head Archivist                                            ext. 105
Andrew Phillips                  Curator                                                        ext. 111
Cynthia Polhill                    Visitor Services Coordinator                        ext. 106
Bob Robinson                    The President's Shop Manager                   ext. 119
Heather Sutton                   Education Coordinator                                ext. 122
Lynn Swiger                       Development & Marketing Associate          ext. 115
Janet Campbell                  Accounts Payable
Linda MacNeil                    Lead Interpreter
Nathan Nau                        Housekeeper

INTERPRETERS: Susan Clark, Ray Davis, Lorain Harouff, Chris Keating, Betty Landes, Dave McGovern, Debbie Metz, Nancy Pyle, Luther (Luke) Roadcap, Deborah Rolfe, Alice Wagner, George Gruner, Linnea Barklund, Jared Samuelson

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