Woodrow Wilson...

  • Could not read during the first decade of his life. Though undiagnosed, he may have suffered from a learning disability.
  • Was known as "Tommy" until his college years.
  • During his boyhood, helped establish the "Lightfoot Baseball Club" with his friends. Wilson played second base and was an avid sport fan throughout his adult life.
  • Was a graduate of Princeton University and Johns Hopkins University and the only president to hold an earned doctoral degree.

Wilson Defeats Party Bosses

In an August 22, 1911, letter to her cousin, Woodrow Wilson’s second daughter, Jessie, describes how Wilson as a reformist Governor of New Jersey defeated the Democratic party machine. She writes:

"Did you see in the paper about the exciting happenings in the hotel Coleman a week or two ago where Nugent our Democratic State Committee chairman attempted to break up the meeting that was forcing him to resign, with a dozen or more thugs from New York and Jersey City? You remember he gave a public toast to father as a "liar and an ingrate", which the Committee wouldn’t stand for. When he thought the quorum was successfully broken up he departed, and at that critical juncture an old member from South Jersey who had been delayed by blocked cars sauntered in, the quorum was again complete, and Nugent’s fate sealed. Meanwhile the Coleman House had seen some sharp hand to hand fighting."

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