Field Trips

Plan a unique learning experience for your class. All programs have been organized to reach a wide range of ability levels and meet current Virginia Standards of Learning.  Field trips are generally two hours, but can be adapted for your specific needs.

Tours are planned with the classroom teacher to reinforce individual learning goals.  Geared to the developmental ability and interest of the students, tours are conducted by guides specifically trained to work with school-age children.

For more information or to make reservations, please contact Susan Laser - Museum Educator, (540) 885-0897, ext. 110.


Journey Into History
• This popular program uses artifacts, toys, and clothing to teach students about lifestyles of the 1850s, the period when Woodrow Wilson was a young child. Students are given the opportunity to dress in reproduction clothing, play games enjoyed by the Wilson children—all in a Victorian-period parlor! Students also experience a recreated 19th century schoolroom where they practice penmanship, using old-fashioned pen and ink.
• History and Social Sciene SOL: K.1b; K.2; K.3; K.4b; K.6; K.7b; K.8a,c,d,e,g; K.9; 1.1; 1.3; 1.4c,d; 1.6; 1.7; 1.10a,b,d; 1.11a; 1.12c; 2.3; 2.7; 2.8; 2.10a,d; 2.12b; 3.1; 3.8; 3.11c,d; 3.12; VS.1a,b,c,d,e,f,h,i;  VS.2a,b; VS.4b,d; VS.7c; VS.8c; VS.9a,b; USI.a,b,c,e,h; USII.1a,b,c,d,e,f,h; USII.4d,e; USII.5c.

Professor, President, Peacemaker
• Primary source material such as artifacts, letters, and photographs are used to reveal Wilson's achievements as an academic, statesman, and world leader. The Professor segment utilizes a scrapbook to illustrate Wilson's years as an educator, the President portion engages students in a scavenger hunt to discover facts about Wilson's presidency, and the Peacemaker activity incorporates original objects to teach students about World War I and Wilson's goal to achieve world peace.
• History and Social Sciene SOL:  USI a.b,c,e,h; USII.1a,b,c,d,e,f,h; USII.4d,e; USII.5c; CE.1a,c,e, h; VUS.9b

"Over There...Over Here":  The Great War
• History comes alive with an authentic World War I trunk filled with artifacts and primary resources that tell the story of The Great War.  Using letters, propaganda, photographs, and a soldier's uniform and kit, students learn about life both in the trenches and on the home front.  An on-site visit includes a tour of the exciting trench exhibit, World War I:  The "Doughboy" War.
• History and Social Sciene SOL:  USII.1a,b,c,d,e,f,h; USII.4d,e; USII.5c; WHII.10a,b; WHII.11a


• Student: $5.00
• Teacher: Free
• Adult Chaperone: $8.00


Thanks to a generous grant by the Reynolds Foundation, the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum has created the Field Trip Grant to pay for the cost of bus transportation for public and private school field trips. To be eligible for the grant, you must have a minimum of 40 students who will be participating in the tour.

Visit the Field Trip Grants page for more information.


The President's Shop offers a variety of conveniently packaged gift bags ranging in price from $2.00 to $15.00.  Request a list of gift bags from the Museum Educator. Orders must be placed ten days prior to your visit. Excellent resource materials available for teachers and parents, too. For more information, please contact Susan Laser - Museum Educator.