Collections in the eLibrary

The eLibrary currently contains items from the following collections: 

Clifford Berryman Cartoon Collection
Cartoons from the Washington, D.C., Evening Star covering the run-up to the 1912 election and Wilson's two administrations. Many of the cartoons feature Woodrow Wilson and other political figures from 1912 to 1921. Scans were obtained courtesy of the Center for Legislative History at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

R. Emmet Condon Collection
R. Emmet Condon was secretary to Henry White, one of five American Peace Commissioners at the 1919 Paris Peace Conference. The collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, official documents, and photographs originating during the Peace Conference and primarily regarding the Japanese acquisition of German rights and interests in the Shantung peninsula of China following World War I. A few papers involve the positioning of Greek troops in and around Smyrna.

Gilder Lehrman Institute Collection
Courtesy of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, this collection contains a wide variety of Wilson documents covering topics such as women's suffrage, political issues and appointments, official commutations of prisoners, and personal correspondence, including Wilson's spirited letter to the editor of a newspaper that mocked his skills on the typewriter.

Cary T. Grayson Papers
Dr. Cary T. Grayson was Woodrow Wilson's personal physician, loyal friend, and confidant. The papers currently available online include hundreds of letters from Grayson to his wife and others describing the Paris Peace Conference, diaries of Grayson's experiences in Paris noting who the President met with each day, and often describing Wilson's personal conversations. Diary entries, letters, and medical records also describe the care given to Wilson before and after his stroke in 1919. Currently being processed, the entire collection is not yet available online.

Hoover-Wilson Correspondence from the Hoover Institute at Stanford University
Herbert Hoover served as the director of the Belgian relief effort and headed the U.S. Food Administration and the American Relief Administration during the Wilson Administration. The papers consist primarily of copies of correspondence between Hoover and Wilson, as well as the President's secretary, Joseph P. Tumulty. Letters concerning the Belgian relief efforts and American food regulations during World War I are also included.

William D. Hoyt, Jr. Collection
The collection includes personal letters from Ellen Axson Wilson describing Woodrow Wilson's health challenges while president of Princeton, rare pictures of Ellen and the Wilson children at home, newspaper articles describing Ellen Wilson's funeral, and memorabilia from Wilson's inaugurations.

Jefferson Society Minutes from the University of Virginia
Woodrow Wilson was an active member and officer of the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society while attending law school at the University of Virginia. He served as the Society's treasurer and was instrumental in re-writing its constitution during his tenure as president. The collection includes roll book pages containing Wilson's signature and minutes from October 1879 to December 1880, many in Wilson's hand.

Otto Kappelmann World War I Collection
Of German descent, Otto Kappelmann was enlisted in the U.S. Army from 1916 to 1919. His letters, written primarily to his sister, Anna-Marie Bubendey, describe military camp life on the Texas border and in South Carolina. Kappelmann writes about African-American recruits, health issues, and German prisoners of war. The collection includes postcards of military camps and trenches on the front.

Newspaper Articles
This collection is a compilation of newspaper clippings related to Woodrow Wilson and his times from various collections.

Presidential Library Collections
The collections include letters, documents and images to, from, and about Woodrow Wilson, as well as other key historical figures including Wilson's family members and important advisors and political figures that are contained in the archives of the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library.

Private Collections
Contains miscellaneous documents and collections from private owners. Among them are materials from Goucher College, which consists of correspondence between Wilson and the president of the college attended by two of Wilson's daughers. The Nathan C. and Annie Lee Hoyt Collection contains correspondence from Woodrow and Ellen Wilson to Ellen's cousin Nathan Hoyt, as well as a small album of snapshots taken at Ellen Wilson's funeral in Rome, Georgia, on August 11, 1914. The Arthur S. Link III Collection contains four letters written by Woodrow Wilson.

Jessie Wilson Sayre Papers from Princeton University
Courtesy of the Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library, this collection consists primarily of letters to and from Woodrow Wilson's second daughter, Jessie, between the years 1886-1931, that provide rare glimpses into the Wilson family's private life. Correspondents include: Woodrow Wilson, Ellen Axson Wilson, Margaret A. Wilson, Elenaor Wilson McAdoo, Stockton Axson and Edward W. Axson.

Edward D. Shoor Collection
Shoor served in the Motor Transport Corps, and was a driver for Woodrow Wilson's presidential party during battlefield tours and a trip to Belgium in June 1919. The photographs include candid snapshots of Woodrow Wilson and those who accompanied him on those inspection tours, along with shipboard scenes on the U.S.S. George Washington during Wilson's trip back to the U.S. from the Paris Peace Conference in July, 1919. There are additional photographs of battlefields, ruins, and sites in both France and Belgium.

Speeches of Woodrow Wilson
The collection is a compilation of Wilson's speeches from all collections.

Benjamin Strong, Jr. Papers from the N.Y. Federal Reserve Bank
Benjamin Strong Jr. was appointed first governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York upon its formation in 1914. The papers consist of letters between Strong and various Wilson-era cabinet officials, such as Treasury Secretaries William G. McAdoo and Carter Glass, Secretaries of State William Jennings Bryan and Robert Lansing, and Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels. The papers also contain documents relating to the formation of the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Liberty Loan campaigns during the First World War.

Marie and Ashley Turnbull Collection
James Hugh Moffatt attended Princeton University from 1896 to 1900 while Woodrow Wilson served on the Princeton faculty. The collection includes correspondence with Woodrow Wilson who acted as advisor to the Debating Club, which Moffatt chaired, along with material about Princeton sports and literary history, and personal letters that describe student life in Princeton during the years Wilson taught there.

USCB Wilson-McAdoo Collection
Courtesy of the University of California at Santa Barbara, the Wilson-McAdoo collection contains primarily the personal papers of Eleanor Wilson McAdoo, Woodrow Wilson's youngest daughter. There is correspondence between Eleanor and her sisters, Margaret and Jessie, and her parents, Woodrow and Ellen Wilson, some dating from Ellen Wilson's trip to Italy in 1904. Photographs in the collection include Eleanor at various stages of her life and Woodrow Wilson.

University of Virginia Woodrow Wilson Letters
Courtesy of the University of Virginia Special Collections Library, this collection contains letters written by Woodrow Wilson from various collections. It includes a series of letters from Wilson to his long-time friend Richard Heath Dabney, a UVa. professor of history and correspondence related to Wilson's publications of his articles and books.

Woodrow Wilson Press Statements
These documents address a variety of domestic and international issues that arose during the Wilson presidency, including war-time measures for nationalizing the railroads, concerns about high cost of living, and questions about the League of Nations.