Digital Camera Use

All readers who request to use personal digital cameras to photograph Woodrow Wilson Library materials must notify staff of items being photographed each time they intend to use a personal camera and sign this agreement form (to be renewed every calendar year).  In doing so, researchers agree to the following conditions:

Click Here to download a copyright request form for use ogf digital camera useage.

  • Library materials must be handled with care as described in the Reading Room rules.
  • Use of a flash, outside lights, scanners, tripods, templates, or other equipment is prohibited.  The use of a unipod is allowed.
  • Photographs may be used only for personal reference and research purposes.
  • Images may not be published or broadcast in any media or displayed online without permission of the Woodrow Wilson Library.
  • Images may not be added to the holdings of another library or archival repository.
  • Researchers who require high-quality images for publication or broadcast should contact the archivist.
  • Photography of other researchers or library staff is prohibited.
  • The researcher accepts full responsibility for determining whether or not U.S. copyright law protects the materials being copied and whether or not his or her use exceeds the limits of fair use.
  • The researcher will adhere to any and all of the restrictions that govern the research use of a specific collection.
  • The Woodrow Wilson Library reserves the right to prohibit the photographing of any of its collections.