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The Woodrow Wilson Leadership Program for High School Students September 13, 2016
WWPL Announces New Digital Library June 30, 2016
New Exhibit “I Believe in Democracy” Opens June 29, 2016
WWPL to Host Teacher Institute June 27, 2016
WWPL CEO Robin von Seldeneck Appointed VAM Director June 2, 2016
WWPL to Celebrate Flag Day May 19, 2016
Students Complete Leadership Program May 13, 2016
Wilson, Jarvis, Staunton & Mothers Day April 30, 2016
Garden Party March 12, 2016
Staunton & Augusta County House and Garden Tour March 3, 2016
Exploring Woodrow Wilson’s Legacy With Thomas J. Knock PhD February 12, 2016
Boxwood Blight Hits WWPL Gardens February 6, 2016
WWPL Graduate Intern Ashleigh Smith Honored January 29, 2016
Presidential Library Announces New Winter Hours December 29, 2015
The Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library introduces Virtual Visits December 15, 2015
Coming To Terms With Our Past December 1, 2015
Woodrow Wilson Birthday Celebration November 28, 2015
Fall 2015 Symposium October 22, 2015
A Conversation With David O. Stewart October 11, 2015
Woodrow Wilson Student Leadership Program October 3, 2015
Crowdfunding Campaign for Digitization Project Anounced October 1, 2015
Partnership to Create “The Papers of Woodrow Wilson Digital Edition” Announced October 1, 2015
WWPL Announces New Leadership July 15, 2015
McSwain 4th Graders Showcase WWPL in State Video Competition May 19, 2015
Presidential Library to Host Virginia War Memorial Teacher Institute May 6, 2015
Wilson, Jarvis, Staunton & Mothers Day April 24, 2015
The Woodrow Wilson Student Leadership Program April 7, 2015
Garden Party April 4, 2015
Public Service Recognition Week March 4, 2015
The Woodrow Wilson Project March 4, 2015
Woodrow Wilson Birthday Celebration December 2, 2014
WWPL Announces New Vice-President and C.O.O. November 4, 2014
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum Honors Veterans October 25, 2014
WMRA’s “Virginia Insight” with WWPL Curator Andrew Phillips August 26, 2014
Ellen Wilson Gown Nominated as One of Virginia’s Top Ten Endangered Artifacts August 1, 2014
Presidential Library Announces Appointment of Six New Trustees July 18, 2014
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum To Celebrate Flag Day with Free Flags for Guests June 7, 2014
Jewelry 101 with Bonhams Auction House June 4, 2014
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library to Participate in Blue Star Museums May 21, 2014
Wilson’s Pierce-Arrow to Visit National Mall April 25, 2014
Head Archivist Announced April 21, 2014
Historical Exhibits Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Mother’s Day April 12, 2014
Rediscovering Wilson April 9, 2014
Life in the Trenches, The Soldiers Life in the Great War March 15, 2014
Registration for 2014 “Journey into History Camp” Now Open March 7, 2014
Mothers Day Turns 100 March 6, 2014
WWPL to Present Victorian Valentine’s Day Celebration and Tea January 10, 2014
The U.S. Federal Reserve Turns 100 December 14, 2013
Woodrow Wilson versus the Suffragettes December 13, 2013
Woodrow Wilson Birthday Celebration December 12, 2013
Christmas in the Manse; 1850s Staunton, Virginia November 13, 2013
New Education Coordinator Announced October 26, 2013
A. Scott Berg to Speak at WWPL Annual Luncheon September 27, 2013
Ellen and Edith Featured on C-Span September 25, 2013
CBS Sunday Morning Visits Wilson Library August 27, 2013
The Forgotten Mrs. Wilson July 16, 2013
Museum To Celebrate Flag Day with Free Flags for Guests June 14, 2013
Woodrow Wilson was as important as FDR or LBJ. Why aren’t we celebrating his 100th anniversary? June 10, 2013
Ellen Axson Wilson: An American Impressionist Exhibition Gallery Opens June 4, 2013
Shenandoah Valley Kiwanis Help Fund New WWPL Children’s Exhibit May 31, 2013
Valley’s Hidden Treasures, An Antique Appraisal Show May 27, 2013
WWPL Joins Blue Star Museum Program and Offers Free Admission for Active Military Thru Labor Day May 27, 2013
Opening of ‘Robertson Hall” The New Pierce Arrow Exhibit May 24, 2013
WWPL Offers Free Admission to Mothers on Mother’s Day May 12, 2013
Historic Garden Week Tour April 20, 2013
The Opie Communication Room Dedication March 14, 2013
‘Essex Troop’ Print Arrives for Inauguration Centennial March 4, 2013
Woodrow Wilson's Birthplace Highlighted in Dallas Morning News Along with Presidential Sites Near Charlottesville June 29, 2011
WWPL President and CEO to Give Talk at Eisenhower Presidential Library June 29, 2011
Become a Charter Member By June 30 and Be Recognized on Plaque in Museum June 17, 2011
Jazz Music and Staunton Braves to Highlight Summer History Camp June 16, 2011
Recreation News Magazine Spotlights WWPL and Shenandoah National Park May 17, 2011
WWPL to Host a Virginia War Memorial Teacher Institute May 17, 2011
Presidential Library Featured on Shenandoah Valley Radio, TV, and Website May 12, 2011
Vintage Chevrolet Club to Visit Presidential Library May 3, 2011
New Director of Museum Operations Announced April 19, 2011
Speakeasy Gala Attendees Enjoy Entertaining Evening March 30, 2011
Birthplace Gardens Highlighted in Old House Journal March 22, 2011
Woodrow Wilson Forum at James Madison University Well-Attended March 22, 2011
Reinstallation of the 1916 Election to the Beginning of World War I Gallery March 15, 2011
Woodrow Wilson Postmark Student Art Contest March 10, 2011
Students Interview President Woodrow Wilson at Mock Press Conference February 28, 2011
Victorian Valentine’s Day Celebration a Hit with Girls Ages 7-10 February 17, 2011
Presidential Library to Select St. Albans Student as Woodrow Wilson Scholar January 28, 2011
Wilson and World War I Class Part of OLLI Adult Education Offerings January 19, 2011
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Highlighted in AAA World Magazine January 6, 2011
Record Crowd Attends Woodrow Wilson Birthday Open House January 6, 2011
New World War I Trench Experience featured in The History Channel Club E-Blast December 15, 2010
Tour of World War I Battlefields in France a Success December 15, 2010
WWPL to Host Woodrow Wilson Birthday Open House on December 28th December 7, 2010
WWPL to Present Veterans Day Program and Offer Free Tours to Veterans November 5, 2010
World War I Author Edward Lengel to be WWPL Annual Luncheon Speaker November 5, 2010
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library Builds Bridges to France October 27, 2010
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum to Hold Fall Teachers’ Workshop October 13, 2010
Presidential Library Announces Appointment of Six New Trustees August 31, 2010
President Wilson’s Pierce-Arrow Wins Award and Attracts Visitors in Kansas City July 28, 2010
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library and Museum to Lead Teaching American History Site Visits July 26, 2010
Presidential Library to Host Virginia War Memorial Teacher Institute July 23, 2010
New Membership Campaign Announced June 21, 2010
President Wilson’s Pierce-Arrow to be Featured in Kansas City Events June 16, 2010


did you know?

Wilson was president throughout World War I. He sought a neutral position for the United States and even won reelection with the slogan “He kept us out of war.” Nonetheless, actions by the Central Powers (notably Germany) threatened this neutrality. Following years of attacks on American shipping and citizens on the high seas, particularly the sinking of the RMS Lusitania, public opinion began to turn. The final straw came with the release of the Zimmerman Telegram, forcing the United States to declare war on the Central Powers in April of 1917, joining the war on the side of the UK, Russia, and France.

Woodrow Wilson was President when the 19th amendment was ratified in 1920 giving women the right to vote.

Wilson piloted the ship that brought America onto the world stage. He made the first steps of leading us out of isolationism, violating Washington's tenet of avoiding foreign entanglements.

He led America during World War I. His fervent hope was for the US to join a League of Nations, the precursor to the United Nations.

A Woodrow Wilson Quote: "Life does not consist in thinking, it consists in acting."

A Woodrow Wilson Quote: "The Constitution was not made to fit us like a straitjacket. In its elasticity lies its chief greatness."

A Woodrow Wilson Quote: "I believe in democracy because it releases the energies of every human being."

The Seventeenth Amendment was formally adopted on May 31, 1913. Wilson had been president for almost three months at the time. The amendment provided for the direct election of senators. Prior to its adoption, Senators were chosen by state legislatures.

Wilson was the first president to receive a PhD which he got in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University. He had received his undergraduate degree from the College of New Jersey, renamed Princeton University in 1896.

Woodrow Wilson could not read during the first decade of his life. Though undiagnosed, he may have suffered from a learning disability

Woodrow Wilson was known as "Tommy" until his college years.

Woodrow Wilson during his boyhood, helped establish the "Lightfoot Baseball Club" with his friends. Wilson played second base and was an avid sport fan throughout his adult life.

Woodrow Wilson was the first president to attend the Major League Baseball Fall Classic. He saw the debut of a young 20 year old pitcher by the name of George Herman "Babe" Ruth.

Woodrow Wilson was a graduate of Princeton University and Johns Hopkins University and the only president to hold an earned doctoral degree.

Woodrow Wilson image is on the $100,000 bill although it is no longer in circulation